The significance of staying active throughout the summer holidays

The eight week summer holiday period is a long time out of school, and while children have somewhat earned their break, it is also vital that their minds and bodies remain active during their downtime.


This period of inactivity can lead to a loss of acceleration that children build up during the school year, both physically and mentally.


Almost every kid is seen running a riot in the local parks during the holiday period. Instead, the new breed of the technology-driven child who prefers to remain sedentary is becoming more of the normal. For some kids, it’s in fact during school where they get most of their exercise whether that is during break time, PE lessons or at an Extended School club.


But that’s why it’s no surprise to see that kid obesity has never been as high as it’s today. Social and health care reported earlier this year that more than one in five kid in Reception and one in three kids in Year six were measured as overweight or obese.


Of course, factors such as diet, illness and the rise in modern technology can collide to have a detrimental effect on health but getting children moving, holds the key to combating this worrying increase in weight problems.


Summer is, without doubt, the ideal time of the year to be enjoying some active fun outdoors. Check out our available and straightforward Active Summer guide and give it a go!


  1. Take a weekly after-dinner walk, changing the route each week. While you walk, look at the nature around you: could you create a collage from the items that you collect along the way?


  1. Have a hula hoop competition to see who can keep it going the longest.


  1. Use the hula hoop to jump. How many jumps can you perform in a minute? Try again tomorrow, can you beat your score?


  1. Join up with other families for an A-Z scavenger hunt. The children can help to choose the items on the list.


  1. Have a family triathlon week: Go for a bike ride! Take a walk. Go for a swim. How far have you walked? Could you do it repeatedly in two weeks and take several routes? Did you go further?


  1. Choose an exciting location to walk each week, keep track of how far you have walked and calculated your summer result?


  1. Find a new park in the local city to visit! Adventure playgrounds and children’s fitness trails are becoming increasingly popular.


  1. Have a ‘nature’ focus week: a trip to the seaside, visit the local woods, visit a fruit picking farm, or even follow a local nature trail. Create a picture book of different and exciting things that you have seen during the week.


  1. Invite other families to join in with your activities for the day. Having more people take part is always better!


  1. Make a Family Pentathlon Week: jumping challenges, catching and throwing challenges, sprint challenges and bat & ball challenges.


  1. Host a Talent show; dance, sing, tell a story or joke or even juggle! You can hold rehearsals, auditions and be ready to act in a live final! Invite others to be the audience and recognise to use some audience participation to keep everyone active.


  1. Keep the body active by attempting some yoga and relax the mind as a family.


  1. As a family, try something none of you has tried before – learn a new set of skills.


  1. Take a flying disc to the park and make up a game for the whole family to play, three simple rules and a point system creates a challenge for everyone.


  1. Skipping is an excellent way to be active. Learn and improve a new skip trick each day and create a sequence to show others at the end of the week.


  1. Parents, teach your children your favourite childhood games (e.g. hopscotch, tag or what’s the time Mr Wolf?)


  1. With some chalk, make out your hopscotch or with some help to create some material sports: create a big twister in the back garden, everyone can get involved.


  1. Create a summer board game, full of ideas and activities. Let the dice help you decide and complete the challenges along the way.


  1. Play mini golf by creating your course in the back garden!


  1. Find a community event where the whole family can join, a fun event to help you collect activity days, stay active and receive money for a good cause.


  1. Create a backyard circus; dress up, be Active Animals, or practise a trick with a hoop or ball.


  1. Create your backyard games like balloon volleyball or badminton.


  1. Dance time: Every family member can choose a song for the entire family to get up and dance. Do a daily duty to spend time together in the inside or garden or outside and dance together and move and move! Share your favourite dance moves with the whole family.


We would love to view what you come up with so why not tweet us some of your photos @KidzToPros.


Kidztopros has been committed to ensuring that children remain engaged in physical activity every day. Medical guidelines state that each child must attend at least 60 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis and Kidztopros holds a determination to inspire each kid to embed this into their daily routines.


Begin as you mean to go is a phrase that springs to mind; we are all products of our upbringing, therefore if children are brought up to have physical activity ingrained in their daily lifestyles, they’re more likely to take it within adulthood.


Learning is key to the improvement of any kid and Kidztopros’s fun-filled Activity camps, summer camps and after-school activities ensure that children continue to learn during the off season. KidzToPros’s camps drives the concept of physical literacy which refers to movement competency; how well children can run, skip, hop, jump, throw and catch. It also relates to motivation and confidence – the better kids are at these skills, the more motivated and confident they will be to keep on participating or trying something new.


The activity at camps offers something different to suit every child’s interest.  Kidztopros’s camps are also renowned for its multi-sports, arts & crafts and team games, highlighting the diverse range of activities on offer to the children that attend.


The supervision is run by experienced and qualified staff who reflect the Kidzpros’s values and are passionate about ensuring that children participate in at least 60 minutes of activity every day while making sure that the activities on suggestion are as enjoyable as possible.


Kidztopros’s Activity Camps run throughout the summer, and you can book by visiting


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