Why should kids play sport?

I would ask why not? Sports has benefits beyond years and encompasses physical and mental growth and health. The benefits cannot be measured in tangible terms alone; there are numerous reasons why sports is good for kids. I haven’t found a single reason why it isn’t good. Is that not good enough grounds that every kid should be encouraged to play a sport?  

Sports channelizes high level of energies in kids while keeping them mentally and physically engaged. Albeit, the level of engagement differs on the kind of sport; but, every sport challenges different kinds of sensibility among kids. It is a combination of coordination, communication, fair play, discipline, strategic thinking and teamwork.

Kids learn to respect fair play and appreciate a good game. They learn to take win or loss in their stride. They learn to strive hard. They learn nothing comes easy. These are the life lesson that get imbibed along the way. The lessons that they learn the hard way could be part of their life right from the word go. They could win, they could lose but they can never be defeated. Once a sportsperson always a sportsperson.

In today’s gadget crazy world, we find people complaining about lack of real friends, of missing real conversations, enjoying sunsets and sunrises. A time where everything is going digital and gadgets and social media have replaced real relationships. We can take this opportunity to introduce kids to making friends, embracing diversity, learning to strike a conversation to becoming thick friends. In times of vulnerability, sports gives confidence and builds self esteem. These are experiences they will cherish for life and shape them into confident and strong individuals.

Competition is an unavoidable monster. It is omnipresent and we all feel the pressure and stress of the competition around us. We can either learn to live and combat this monster or get crushed. Giving up is not for a sports person. That’s an attitude, it cannot be taught it needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Sport develops attitude of healthy competition and applauds the best man/team on the field.

Sports is the method, it is a religion, it is an art!

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